How to submit a proposal

Proposals must be submitted through the CERIC Virtual Unified Office (CERIC VUO). To access the VUO for the first time it is necessary to register.

Once registered, you must login with your username and password:

and choose "Submit a new CERIC proposal":

A proposal submission requires the following information:

  • General information: Proposal title, proposal objectives, scientific discipline.
  • Participants: Must be registered in the VUO.
  • For each beamline/laboratory requested you will have to:
- Choose the facility
- Complete sample and experimental details
  • Proposal description: Download the proposal description template and complete it without changing the header. Include relevant pictures when available. Once completed, upload the template.
  • Check and submit: Read the proposal and check whether anything is missing before submitting it. If mandatory fields were left blank, you will receive an error message.

For further information please contact CERIC user office: