Internal Research

CERIC-ERIC current internal research projects are the following:

Principal Investigator (PI): Josef Mysliveček

Principal Investigator (PI): Kevin Prince
Scientific fields: pump-probe studies of free molecules; molecular dichroism; dynamics of topological insulators; pump-probe studies of solids; insertion device technology; soft x-ray optics.

Principal Investigator (PI): Andrea Locatelli
Scientific fields: Magnetism in layered structures relevant to basic and applied research in physics.

Principal Investigator (PI): Maya Kiskinova
Scientific fields: Graphene, water, nanotoxicology, microfabrication, correlative microscopies.

Principal Investigator (PI): Aden Hodzic
Scientific fields: Pharmaceutical technology, formulations, polymorph/amorphous properties, bioavailability and dissolution, quality, stability and aging.