Plan, communicate, transfer knowledge and create a business.
PaGES3 provides transversal tools for students’ future career.
23 February - 5 March 2018, Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy

Nicoletta Carboni presents communications activities in a research infrastructure to the students in Gorizia

Research infrastructures are not all about fundamental research in the lab. There are several professional figures behind their operation, and among them are communications and press officers. What is their work about, what do they need to communicate, how and to whom? These are some of the questions to which Nicoletta Carboni, Communications Officer at CERIC, gave some answers in her presentation to the pupils of the high schools partners of PaGES3. After an introduction to the main means of communications used in her daily work, she provided some tools, as well as hints and tips for an effective communication, which can be applied transversally to any field in which this kind of expertise may be required. These include the presentation of a business idea, of a project, or of scientific works, as well as, why not, a job interview!

Another core activity of research infrastructures that goes beyond basic research is knowledge and technology transfer. Raffaella Geometrante, starting from her experience as Project Manager and Director of Kyma s.r.l. (PaGES3 co-funder), showed the successful example of the spin-off company in generating (economic) value from the knowledge, the latter being information, skills, licences, etc., and the technologies developed (i.e. prototypes, equipment, materials and components, etc.). However, to achieve successful results, planning is due. In particular, business ideas requiring significant resources entail a written business plan, which includes a business model and business goals, a roadmap of those goals, a specification of the needed resources in a specific timeframe, as well as an operating and a progress plan – with the final aim of increasing the chances of attracting investors.

Raffaella Geometrante presents the example of Kyma s.r.l. to the students in Cervignano del Friuli

The awareness about the existence and the structure of these tools is the first step for the students in PaGES3 to further use and develop them in their future career, whatever their professional field of expertise will be.

Download the presentations:
- La Comunicazione in un centro di ricerca (in Italian only)
- How to generate value from the knowledge