Service to Industry

CERIC provides analytical laboratories and expert advice for industrial research & development (R&D) activities, offering multiple instruments and characterization techniques, and leading-edge analytical measurement skills. The available tools and technologies allow the analysis and synthesis of materials, and an understanding of their behavior at the micro and nano-scale.

Industrial and commercial services include:

  • Access to multi-technique facilities
  • Longer-term agreements
  • Direct transfer of technology and training of staff
  • Co-development of new products
  • High-tech procurement
  • Pre-qualification through prototyping
  • Spin-offs and start-ups creation

These services support proprietary R&D in various industrial areas, such as health, food, energy, high-tech materials, environment and more.

Both standard and cutting-edge techniques are available, with the support of expert scientists and technicians. Confidentiality is guaranteed through specific agreements guaranteeing the customer ownership of the results.

Confidential or non-peer reviewed access is accepted on a cost basis. The fees charged cover the full costs incurred by the Partner Facilities and CERIC for the specific services required.

Contact CERIC IL&TT Office for more information to find the solution most suitable to your needs.