Organization and Legal Framework

CERIC is an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium), set-up by the European Commission (European Commission Implementing Decision n. 2014/392/EU) to contribute to European top-level research and technological development and demonstration programs.

The Consortium brings together the best research centers and specialized laboratories in the field from the participating countries (Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia) in a new European institution, open to other interested countries and with its statutory seat in Trieste, Italy.

The instrumental and human resources of the partners are made available as in-kind contributions and are integrated in CERIC-ERIC through coherent and excellence-driven governance. This allows a focus on the use of existing investments and available national, regional and EU resources towards a common scope and also increasing their value through partnerships in Horizon 2020 proposals and an appropriate use of Structural Funds.

The main focus is on open access research. However, CERIC-ERIC also acts as a focal point for European industry by providing R&D outreach, building synergies and commonalities in technology and knowledge transfer, and stimulating and supporting spin-off companies from research.

Executive Director and Deputies:

- Executive Director: Jana Kolar
- Deputy Director: Ornela De Giacomo
- Deputy Director for European and International Relations: Fabio Mazzolini

Governing bodies:

- Austria: Günther Burkert, Heinz Amenitsch (vice Chair)
- Croatia - Tome Antičić, Milko Jakšić
- Czech Republic: Helena Rimska, Vladimir Matolin
- Italy: Salvatore La Rosa, Carlo Rizzuto (Chair)
- Hungary - Ákos Horváth
- Poland - Michał Rybiński, Marek J. Stankiewicz
- Romania: Beatrice Paduroiu, Ionut Enculescu
- Serbia: Viktor Nedović
- Slovenia: Albin Kralj, Karolina Schlegel

Secretary: Ileana Gimmillaro

- Austria: Heinz Amenitsch
- Czech Republic: Vladimir Matolin (vice Chair)
- Hungary: Tamás Belgya
- Italy: Giovanni Comelli
- Poland: Marek J. Stankiewicz
- Romania: Ionut Enculescu
- Slovenia: Janez Plavec (Chair)
- Croatia: Tome Antičić

Secretary: Ornela De Giacomo

  • International Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (ISTAC)

- Michel van der Rest, former director of synchrotron SOLEIL and former chair of ERF (life sciences) Chair
- Giorgio Paolucci, Scientific Director of SESAME Synchrotron (synchrotrons) Vice Chair
- Annalisa Pastore, from MRC-UK (NMR)
- Ingolf Lindau, Stanford and Lund (synchrotrons)
- Luis Fonseca, CSIC in Barcelona (nanoscience and nanomaterials)
- Guy Schoehn, IBS, Institut de Biologie Structurale in Grenoble
- Salvador Ferrer, Associate Director of Alba Synchrotron Light Source in Barcelona